Professor Ioan Utiu

  • He was an exceptional educator, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports – Avram Iancu, a faculty that he established after a long career at Babes University – Bolyai

  • Throughout his career he was a university assistant, lecturer, lecturer and professor. He loved his profession very much, he had dozens of generations of students, currently known teachers in the country and abroad

  • In the last years of his career, he founded the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport and the Faculty of Physical Therapy of the private University Avram Iancu where he professed and was dean, being also one of the founding members of this university having an important role in its accreditation.

  • He has written countless specialized books for the benefit of students and teachers.

  • Loved the sport, which he raised to the rank of lifestyle.

  • An art lover, along with Dr. Emilia Utiu’s wife, supported Romanian art, devoted artists but also young talents.

Members of Professor Ioan Utiu Association

Dr. Emilia Utiu

Doctor of great professionalism and passionate about art, who dedicated his life to the profession and family; she intends for this association to carry on the belief of Professor Uțiu.

Claudia Badiu

A specialist balneologist, she has continued hes career in the field of event organization and currently runs one of the most important companies in the field of events in Romania.

Ioana Jamgossian

She is a dentist which successfully manages one of the most important and well-known dental clinics in Cluj.


Doctor having a doctorate in medicine, a Romanian-Canadian MBA in management, a master’s degree in diplomacy and for which professor Ioan Uțiu was a 2nd father but also a mentor.